Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Yet Another Untimely Update

My absurdly-simple goal of posting at least once a month has again nearly given way to my serial distraction and neglect. But it is still March, so I'm in the ballpark. Here is a quick rundown of some game-related things happening at Phantasio Games HQ.

Isabel and I signed off on the print-ready files for Tiger Stripes earlier this month. That means it's actually being printed now and should be appearing in a few weeks. I'll try to mention it when the boat is on its way.

I also saw the final print-ready Skyway Robbery files. There were only the barest minimum of corrections to do on these. That puts us on track with that game, as well. GenCon should be very exciting this year!

I'm still waiting on the announcement of the Battlecruisers Kickstater. There are a few more moving parts involved on the TMG side before we get the green light. In the meantime, they sent me the files, which I have had printed by the good folks at Admagic (the smaller side of the company is Print and Play). I uploaded my files on Saturday and they shipped out yesterday (Monday)! That is AMAZING speed for just one small order. I ended up paying about $2 per sheet of 18 cards. Minimum order is $15. I'll post a few picks when they come in.

In design news, I've been working on a really neat game for the past 2-3 weeks. It's sort of a combination of Hearthstone and Agricola with dwarves mining and farming and battling various creatures. I'm almost ready to get some more serious playtesters involved, so if you are interested feel free to let me know. I got some high school Magic players to try it out at school the other day, and it went over quite well!

Today I'm speaking on game design at Northern Kentucky University. They have a new board game design class this year, and the teacher thought I'd be a good special guest. We'll see!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Successful Kickstarter!

As you can see from the chart, Spirits of the Rice Paddy did very well during its Kickstarter campaign! The campaign ended yesterday with 1,881 backers and over $87K. That makes this campaign more than double my previous best effort (Fidelitas at $39K)! I continue to be astounded by this game's acceptance in the board game community. I've always been a bit worried about the obscurity of the theme. However, I believe that has become an asset to the game.

Because of the high level of funding, we were able to add in many new bonus components and upgrade all the different bits. The backers had lots of opinions about how best to do this (many times these were diametrically opposed), so we had to make some judgment calls. Now begins the difficult work of preparing the final files for the printer and sourcing all the components. Most of this work will be done by Kevin, from APE Games (who continues to suffer from an illness caught at a local con). Even in his diminished state, Kevin did a great job managing the campaign.

Finally, let me just thank all the backers and others who supported me during this process. We would not have been so successful without these people caring about the project and telling others. I really appreciate your efforts, and I look forward to delivering an amazing, high-quality game!

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Campaign Update

Well, things have been going well for the Spirits of the Rice Paddy Kickstarter campaign. We just passed $50K! This is over $10K more than any other KS I've been involved with--just amazing! I continue to be shocked by how well the game is being received. We still have about 1/3 of the campaign remaining.

Because of the high level of funding, we've been able to meet all our stretch goals and upgrade the components of the game, including a two-layer player board. Kevin is currently figuring out how to add a few more goals such as custom tokens for weeds and pests and possibly acrylic discs for water tokens. Stay tuned to see how the campaign progresses. At a base pledge of $40, don't let this one pass you by! 

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Spirits of the Rice Paddy now on Kickstarter

It's finally here! Spirits of the Rice Paddy just went live on Kickstarter! Here's your chance to build some paddies, pull some weeds, eat some pests, and harvest loads of rice. Check out or page for all the info, on visit BGG for even more. We also have an especially good endorsement from Rahdo himself. Thanks for helping us fund this exciting game.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

A New Year and a New Kickstarter

Welcome to 2015! Thanks for checking in despite the abysmally low frequency of new posts. Here are a few projects I have coming up in the new year:

Spirits of the Rice Paddy - This game launches on Kickstater tomorrow!

Eminent Domain: Battlecruisers - This customizable mini-game will be set in Tasty Minstrel's EmDo universe. It should be launching on Kickstater in another month or so.

Unnamed Zombie Game - In a weird twist of fate, I'm designing a zombie-themed kid's game for a California-based publisher. More about this in the coming months.

Hitler Must Die - This Game Salute title should be hitting Kickstarter later this year if all goes well. We will see how it goes.

I'm also working on some expansions for AEG. I can't really go into detail about those, either.

Treasure Map - Finally, I've been slogging away on a 16-24 card game about pirates fighting over a treasure map (it was originally about A Mid-Summer Night's Eve, but that just wasn't clicking). It's been a long and difficult process, but I've learned quite a bit as well. Once I get it over the next hump I'll be asking for help from more playtesters.

In other news, we've been playing quite a bit of Splendor (a Christmas gift). The Interwebs have recently been on fire with this topic as people struggled to discover what all the fuss is about. All I know is that my dad and brother each immediately bought a copy of the game after playing it with me a few times. Clearly, the Space Cowboy folks know a little something about how to make a fun, accessible game.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are spending the day with friends and family. I am thankful to God for His mercy and forgiveness, and for the wonderful family He has given me. I'm also thankful that I get to be involved in such an amazing industry--playing and making board games!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Princess Bride Card Games

Just wanted to mention my Miracle Pill card game is now on Kickstarter with two other Princess Bride card games from some of my designer buds. The goal was $100 and it will run for 10 days only, so it's a smaller campaign. There are currently 6 days left and we are at about $7K. Here's a bit of game info:

Designed by Philip duBarry, two to six players attempt to capture a little magic in the form of a not-so-little pill that will hopefully bring the Man In Black back to life! You'll need to create the perfect mix of ingredients by choosing cards from your hand to create groups of different types. Each round involves drafting cards and revealing them all at the same time, building up your ingredients that will eventually combine together, but remember to follow any immediate instructions that are revealed! In the third and final round you'll add scoring cards to your tableau, making those collections of yours finally pay off! Just remember to cover the finished article in chocolate; we hear that helps when swallowing the pill...