Monday, May 30, 2011

Designer Diary on BGN

My designer diary was featured on BGN today! The game also made CUBO online magazine (Spain). The Kickstarter campaign seems to be off to a good start. We are currently approaching the 25% mark. Tomorrow I plan on running a demo at Yottaquest and making a video of the experience. Very soon we will be posting rules. In the meantime, hope you are having a great Memorial Day. God bless all our servicemen and women, past and present!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Our Kickstarter is Live!

That's right! Kingdom of Solomon is now available for pre-order/support at Kickstarter for the next 37 days. Our goal is to raise over $5,000 to offset printing expenses. As part of the campaign we're offering a special promo card, signed copies and even dinner with the publisher and designer (that's me) at Origins or GenCon. Help us spread the word about this cool new game. More images, videos and updates to follow!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kickstarter getting a Kickstart

The original plan was for our Kingdom of Solomon Kickstarter campaign to begin in June. However, it looks like we may start it up at the end of this week! The only final pieces of the puzzle are the cover and the board. Here's what the cards will look like (nearly finished version):

Stay tuned for more announcements, updates, art, game components and video.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Approaching Kickstarter

In a little over a month, Kingdom of Solomon will be available on Kickstarter for 30 days. Minion Games currently has Venture Forth up during May. It's making progress, but we could use your help, too. Check it out. The Purple Pawn just put up a fantastic article based on surveys of past Kickstarter clients. If you are considering starting your own campaign, this is a MUST READ.

I'm currently trying to figure out some cool extras to sweeten the deal once Kickstarter begins. If you have any ideas, I love to hear them!

In other news, my wife posted her favorite 30 games on her blog, Candid Diversions. Fortunately, some of my games made the cut . . . :)