Saturday, October 6, 2007

Sample Arrives!

My sample of Kivar 6 arrived today. It was a little more "papery" than I was expecting, but after some testing, I feel that it will be a good fit. It's a very nice-looking, strong sort of paper (black) for the backing of the board. I will be finalizing my order soon...

It looks as though my business plan will be changing slightly. Due to minimums on the paper, I will end up with enough to make 100+ units. Also the cost of each unit will be between $10-12, instead of the $15 I had originally figured. My new plan actually shows some profitability! IF I can manage to sell any of them, that is...


  1. Hiya Philip,

    Profitability! Excellent, something to strive for - you don't want all the time and energy you've spent to cost you money as well.

    Which reminds me. Must do a business plan...


  2. Thanks for the advice! I really enjoy reading your blog. I've got a simplified plan together, but I figure that will change a bit as I get further in. I plan to have a lot more specific information after I get my copyright.


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