Sunday, August 24, 2008

Homemade Revolution

Here's a Revolution first. Mark Crocker went to the website and discovered that Revolution is not currently available until Steve Jackson Games releases it. Not to be deterred, Mark made a homemade copy of the game, pieced together from various pictures and the rule booklet. He shared some of his graphics with me. He reformatted the board into a square to mount it onto an old Trivial Pursuit board:

Here is the bid card. Spartan but accurate:

Finally, here is a sample card. I like the cool picture on the back, though I'm not sure I had the American Revolution in mind (I was thinking maybe Latin America, but whatever). But it's still neat.

Way to go, Mark. I hope it tides you over until the final version comes out. Maybe you can send us a photo of your complete setup and some session reports.

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