Monday, September 8, 2008

Shilling Thread Continues

This BGG thread just gets funnier every day! Note: Please do not comment on the thread if you actually are one of my "shills." It looks like random strangers might just carry the day. BTW - thanks to any random strangers for watching my back.


  1. I gave up trying to convince him, but I do fully support you. Think of it this way. Democracy can be difficult. You may think your vote is much more reasoned than other people's vote. You may think that your vote should count more because you're more involved in the community. But it's just not the case. Anyone can show up and vote.

    And that's just what was done with your game. Unless people are lying about their opinion of the game--which I find hard to believe--this guy just has to accept that the system does not cater to him.

    And if it helps, I think most people with see through the crap, read the reviews, and realize that Revolution is a good game.

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