Monday, October 26, 2009

Revolution! At Essen

Unfortunately, the the Essen buzz for Revolution! is only an imperceptible whisper. This picture is the first documented evidence that it was even there. These nice Germans seem to be moderately amused. I understand that there is a lot of competition for people's attention there--lots of games everywhere. The ratings seem to be coming at a steady pace on BGG. Meanwhile, I've been working several other prototypes, getting them in front of publishers, testing others and making new ones. Once something breaks loose, I'll be sure to let you in on it.


  1. I was in Essen but I completely missed this one .... too bad.
    Last night was the first time I heard or seen anything about it and after 1 game I'm convinced. Once I can get my hands on it, I won't hesitate ;-) Are there any plans to release Revolution in Europe? I'm sure I'll buy it once it becomes available here, but right now $42 for shipping is a bit too much. The game costs even less than the shipping.

  2. Wow, that is a lot! I have heard whisperings of a German version, but I have no solid information at all. Maybe you could ask Pegasus about it, as they do Steve Jackson Games stuff and would likely do this one, too. I'm glad you like the game!

  3. While I can't say anything about negotiations in progress, I will note that the posted image was taken at the Pegasus booth.

  4. I'm afraid I am the MIB (#0333) responsible for the fact that there was Revolution visible in Essen at all :)

    Pegasus naturally puts emphasis on games they have out themselves, but they did state that this one table was for Steve Jackson Games to do as they pleased. And well, with me being there I figured we'd do best by putting a game out there that was not already out in German.
    I got them (Pegasus) to give me a Revolution, and started up demoing it, with some help of other MIB of course. The table was occupied for almost all of the fair, with people sometimes lining up for the next game while one was still going.

    We decided to let peoplpe play full games, rather then cutting them short, and many went over to the booth to buy it after the demo.

    I really like your game, and I've been demoing it a lot in the Netherlands as well. Lots of people like the game, but many are not willing to pay it's price. Us Europeans are already used to this good quality, so we're a bit spoiled :)

  5. Doctor: Thanks for introducing so many new people to the game! I'm glad you (and others) enjoy it. The shipping to Europe is pretty bad--I really hope they go for a European version soon (though, as you can see by Paul's comment, I'm probably not supposed to talk about stuff like that). :) You MIB folks are just fantastic!

  6. Yeah, I agree with Mike that the games shipping cost is even higher than its cost prize.


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