Saturday, February 20, 2010

The Expansion Is Coming

This high-res picture from the NY Toy Fair last week was taken by David at Purple Pawn. You can see all the new bidding spaces and the new Palace overlay for the center of the board. There is no official word of a release date, but it may be as early as this summer. Special thanks to my two remote playtester groups, Xenia Gamers Club and Thirdfloorgamers, for helping double check things. Will (SJG), as before, gave us significant opportunity to contribute to the process.

In other news, I recently gave an interview to Crows'n'Bones, and I also found a new review. And one more bit of news--Revolution! has (nearly) broken 800 at BGG.

In non-Revolution news, I'm nearly finished assembling the art and layout for another game. My plan is to take a backpack full of games to Origins and see what happens!


  1. The expansion is a huge improvement on the original that didn't need tweaking. I played the expansion at Owlcon last night. As a 23 year veteran of Owlcon, this is the best game I've seen introduced here. The simple rules and short game length will surely be a hit at my monthly game night in Austin, TX.

    The expansion adds more people to force, blackmail or bribe which is vital when all you've got is gold. The center board adds the guardhouse which prevents rivals from moving your influence. I don't think much more needs to be done to call this expansion ready for shipment.

  2. Glad you found the review. I had sent the note to SJGames as I didn't know how to contact you directly.

    I'm also starting to design board games so I'll be back to see what I can pick up from you.


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