Friday, April 9, 2010

Gluing and Cutting

Lately I've been making some new prototypes in preparation for Origins. I intend to have five new games ready to introduce to game companies at the convention (one prominent appointment has already been set). Unfortunately, some of that time had to be spent re-making a prototype that was lost in the mail by a certain West Coast game company--after I had paid all the return shipping. This would not have been such a tragedy except that this game requires my printer. Everything except the board had to be printed fresh. One problem--my printer doesn't print yellow anymore. Or red. This game happens to be mostly blue, but there was still a lot of coloring by hand. Despite all this, the prototype is now finished.

Now all I have to do is finalize my last game, do all the graphic design, print it up (on someone else's printer) and put it together. It's currently being playtested by the Thirdfloorgamers in Wisconsin. We should have things smoothed out in another week or two. This design has been the most stubborn I have ever worked on--I hope it turns out well!

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