Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ready For Christmas

Christmas is nearly here. I've bought several games for presents this year--mostly cards games, Lego games and Forbidden Island for a certain relative (hope you're not reading). Should be a very Merry Christmas!

In other news I've been involved in tweaking the rulebook for Kingdom of Solomon. The art work is dragging along but progressing. We are currently discussing card layout. The "official" layout guy won't be free to do his thing until mid-January, but I'm guessing the art won't quite be done by then anyway.

Also, my daughter, Isabel, has made a nice little children's game called Tiger Stripes. I got a quote from Blue Panther to make 50-100 copies at the beginning of 2011. I'm going to have Isabel pay for most of it (she's loaded) and keep all the books, etc. This will be a great learning experience! And she might even make a few bucks if all goes well.

I might also be doing a small run of my simple puzzle game called Square Off. I really don't want to be a publisher, but this will be a true turnkey solution. No more cutting and gluing in the basement to fulfill orders! I'll let you know how this all goes in the weeks ahead.

Guess that's about it. Have a Holly Jolly Christmas! Play some games!

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