Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The First Revolution! Tournament

Last Saturday evening, I was on hand for the first (to my knowledge) Revolution! tournament at Gateway Games on the Eastside of Cincinnati. There were eight participants fighting to snag the title of Most Notorious Revolutionary and a signed copy of my new Kingdom of Solomon. We randomly assigned teams (mixing up players for the second game) and took the best score from both. You also got 20 bonus points for winning. All the games were surprisingly close, but in the end, the guy in the brown shirt (below) (sorry, I don't recall his name) was the only person to win both games and become the champion. Well done!


  1. That would be the illustrious Brian Dudte that won the tournament. I seem to recall him complaining beforehand that he "never wins"!

  2. Brian always complains, even though he is a good player!

    I did well in my first game but tanked the second. Oh well, I still had a great time playing a great game!

  3. Then congratulations to Brian Dudte! I meant to get a picture with him holding the box or something. We'll do it next time.

  4. Mr. DuBarry, I recently came across your game "Revolution" on the Steve Jackson website and was immediately taken with the game. I've ordered a copy and eagerly look forward to playing it with my family. Since then, I've obviously come looking for your website to find other games you've designed.
    For what it is worth, I'm seeing a deep burgundy background, dark and light blue grey text and what I can only call raspberry text. For my 48 year old eyes, this site is well nigh impossible to read unless I change my browser settings to override your page's settings or, as I did tonight, I highlight the text.
    If I'd not been so impressed with the game design of Revolution, I'd not have bothered to struggle reading the page.
    Michael Duggan

  5. Michael:

    Sorry about your experience. Perhaps the background image (white) didn't load properly. It seems to be working for me now.

  6. Me too. I should have known it was my computer.

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