Saturday, May 25, 2013

Catching Up

My apologies for the long delay. Life has happened in a BIG way. First of all, our son Isaac was born on May 1st! That brings our kid total to FIVE. Mommy and baby are both doing quite well. He got his pacifier last night, and he loves it. And we love him not fussing as much. :)

 Second, we FINALLY closed on the sale of our house! Now, we just need another small miracle to find the perfect new house to buy. In the meantime, our rental house is proving to be cozy enough for us all. For future reference, I don't recommend moving and having a baby 2 days apart.

 As you might imagine, my game-playing and -making have taken a backseat for several weeks. But things have been slowly moving ahead on a number of fronts. Family Vacation did not make its funding goal on Kickstater. It seems that we missed our audience on this one. However, Jim at Jolly Roger Games is determined to fund the game through other means--if/when he can score a few wins on other projects. The saga continues.

 I am nearing completion of a design to be included in the upcoming Princess Bride mini-game collection from Game Salute. This game features card drafting, a la 7 Wonders, but with a reduced playing time (10 minutes) and some new twists and turns. Players will be making a miracle pill/potion for the Man in Black. They will need to collect and combine the right ingredients to succeed, occasionally having to destroy old cards to get new ones.

SR Sneak Peek!
Skyway Robbery and Tiger Stripes (by Isabel) are heading toward Kickstarter campaigns in the coming weeks/months. I've seen just a bit of the art, and both games are going to look amazing!

 Also, I found out yesterday that AEG will be producing my next Tempest game in time for Essen--IF the crazy amount of work can get done in the short time frame. I'm probably not allowed to say too much more about this one . . . If you would be interested in helping to playtest it, send me a message. We'd love some extra help!

One more important item to mention. A few weeks ago I was contacted by Daniel McDairmant, a Kingdom of Solomon fan, about a possible mini-expansion. In just a few weeks, we (and the folks from Minion Games) hammered out a great new set of cards to make the game even more exciting! The best part is, you can buy a copy today! Check out Chronicles of the King.

Right now I'm planning to attend Origins, but only on Saturday. Even this small trip is on shaky ground, but I hope it works out. Here's to hoping things settle back down for us in the coming weeks--or that we find an awesome place to call home and THEN settle down.

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