Saturday, May 17, 2014

A Busy Summer

Time for my monthly blog post . . . just know that when I'm not sharing news and writing articles on this site, I'm working on really cool games that will be unveiled at a later date. Right now it's time to post a quick update about my INCREDIBLY BUSY SUMMER plans.

In June I'll be attending Origins again, but (just like last year) only on the Saturday. I'll also be bringing Isabel again. I only have a few new prototypes to show around. Otherwise, I'll have several soon-to-be-kickstarted games with me (see below for more details). Oh, and Family Vacation will be available for purchase at the con!

July will be jam-packed with, not one, but TWO Kickstarters! Isn't that a little crazy? Yes. But with five kids, I live in crazytown every day! Each Kickstarter will be with a different company, so that will help a bit. Plus, each game has a slightly different target audience.

Skyway Robbery, a steam-punk, card-driven heist game, just drips with awesome. The art is magnificent (you would not believe the $$$ that cost!), and I'm very happy with where the gameplay is. I'm very jazzed! Check out the BGG page to see more.

And then, Spirits of the Rice Paddy is probably the most complex game I've ever designed. Kevin Brusky and the APE Games team have done an amazing job fine-tuning this heavy-hitter into a sleek, elegant experience. The artwork and layout is currently underway, but things are happening quickly. I'm hoping the true eurogamers will end up loving this game as much as we do!

NOTE: Podcasters and Reviewers - we are currently scheduling media opportunities for both of these games for June and mid-July. Please contact me if you are interested in getting a copy to review and/or doing a short interview with me. Thanks!

August brings GenCon. I plan to attend Thursday, Friday, and Saturday this year. I'll be demoing for Game Salute (mostly the new Princess Bride games) Fri and Sat 10:00-1:00. I'll also be demoing SotRP and a few other games at various other times. Let me know if you are interested in trying out one of my games, and we'll work out a time!

August will also be bringing . . . yet another Kickstarter! This project is in conjunction with designer Jason Kotarski (of Heartland Hauling fame). More about this later . . .

Add to all this a few major church activities (a week of Bible School and a week of Junior Camp), and I'm in for a crazy busy time. Sorry to dump all that at one time, but, well, I've got to get back to work!

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