Saturday, March 1, 2008

Game Night

Last night I attended a casual gaming night at the home of Greg Smorey. Greg runs several major Axis & Allies tournaments throughout the year (including at Origins and GenConIndy). As you might imagine I brought along a copy of Revolution. Greg and the others (Jeff, Mike and Kelly) played two games back-to-back while I observed. They seemed to pick it up quickly. I believe they had a good time with it. Then we played Puerto Rico where I managed to come in last... :( All in all, it was great night of gaming.

Greg said I could bring a few copies of Rev to demo and sell at the famed Spring Gathering (a Cincinnati A&A annual event - April 11 & 12 if you're interested). That will be a good opportunity to share the game with a very dedicated (and growing) group of gamers. Now, if I can just get more of them made... As of last night, my inventory is ZERO!!! This is both exciting and terrifying. My fingers are crossed for an emergency printing session early next week.

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  1. Good luck! I was very happy to add you as a link from my site. Thank you for the link to Sycarion as well.

    (Pronounced si-ka-REE-an in case you wondered.)

    I hope to manufacture my Mavinian Deck of cards soon, as well as a custom 14-sided die with 1-7 for use in Dice Poker. I'll let you know on both fronts. Good luck with Revolution, I look forward to ordering a copy soon.


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