Monday, March 31, 2008

Some Attention for Revolution in...Italy?

I got an interesting email from Alex Nuti this morning which included a link to an article on his Italian game site. I put the text into Babel Fish and got this as a translation:

Often the small ideas have the strong hands, and are therefore that they often become large. Often the moneies for being able are not had to introduce them to the greater part of the persons. Well Philip du Barry has had the force to carry its plan ahead, Revolution! she is its creature and presentation in flash) and through arcinoto the BGG is introducing it to the players of all the world through its situated Revolution Games is one. The game is a mix of bluff, negotiations, deductions, auctions, control territory and placing. In synthesis a game that can appeals to to the overwhelming majority of we, only "neo" if we want is the fact that the diagram is simple nearly spartana. One left of 3-4 players hard on the 60 minuteren. If you are curious to see the regulations (English): Revolution rulebook.

Sounds pretty good, I guess? Anyway, it's pretty cool to be mentioned by someone on another continent. Thanks, Alex!

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