Tuesday, September 8, 2009

YottaQuest Demo

Tonight I ran a few demos of Revolution! at Yottaquest. The "regular" board game crew moseyed in about 7:00 for their weekly fix. I played in the first game of Revolution! and got absolutely CRUSHED by all of my opponents! They were shrewd players indeed. I'll have to get a rematch one of these days . . .

One big group played Parthenon most of the night. I got in on Battlestar Galactica (with Pegasus expansion) towards the end of the evening. The humans went down hard to the many Cylons. I'm not quite sure how I feel about this game yet. It was very complicated, but there is an interesting dynamic at work what with all the mistrust and treachery involved.

Overall, it was not the most effective promotional experience I've had. On the other hand, about 15-20 more people now know of my game's existence and may end up trying it out soon. Maybe my session at Sci-Fi City Thursday will be more productive.

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