Saturday, August 25, 2012

Dominion Box Covered

As I mentioned in my last post (Making a Box for Dominion), my wife suggested that I use her Mod Podge and the labels from my leftover Dominion boxes to decorate the large box I constructed. Tonight, I did just that.

It's a little hard to deliberately plunge a really nice game box into a bathtub filled with warm water--not something I would normally recommend (especially if you just paid $48 for that box only days before). But I don't have room to store half my games, let alone empty boxes. They were going to be hauled out with the trash one way or another. Turns out it was also kind of fun!

After a good 10-second soak to each side and bottom of a box, the label began to come off without too much trouble. Once I had each side started, I submerged the box one more time to let more water into the sides. Within a few minutes I had a nice, mostly-whole Dominion label drying under my kitchen fan. I did this five more times. They were dry in about 15 minutes.

 Now it was time for even more fun--Mod Podge! I have never done any decoupaging before, but my wife walked me through the basics. You brush some of the watery, glue-like substance onto the back of a section of paper, stick it on, try to squeeze out the air bubbles and wrinkles (nearly impossible), and then cover it with another layer of goo on the top to seal it in. It's white in the bottle, but it dries clear. In hindsight, I might should have waited a bit more before applying the top coat. Oh well.

After about 30-45 minutes of cutting and mod-podging, my box top was finished!

I went for a nice mix of different elements. I am particularly proud of the half-and-half top section. Unfortunately, I had already thrown out my other boxes--the boxes from the last three expansions were all that remained. Even so, I am very happy with the results. And this top still fits nicely onto the box. My new Dominion box is complete!

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