Friday, August 10, 2012

Preparing for GenCon 2012

GenCon 2012 will be here in less than a week! Unfortunately, I will only be able to attend the show on Thursday--busy times at the house of duBarry. Even so, I am looking forward to cramming in as much as possible into that short time. Here are my plans:

1. Try to find copies of Dominion: Dark Ages and 7 Wonders: Cities to purchase. I've been very stoked reading the new card previews by DXV the last few days.

2. Check in with AEG and help out with demoing. They were kind enough to spring for my badge this year, so I hope I can be of enough service to justify the expense. I will be bringing my copy of Courtier, so maybe I can provide some sneak peeks. Also, I have a new game to pitch them . . .

3. Spend some time at the Game Salute booth. My latest game, called Skyway Robbery, should have a nice new prototype for us to begin playtesting seriously. Maybe you can try it out!

4. Catch up with Steve Jackson Games and Minion Games. I'm still pushing SJG to get working on the next bit of Revolution! content. Feel free to ask them about it demand this new content.

5. See some old friends, shoot the breeze and enjoy the day.

6. Finish up by finding the Unpub area and get in a game of Courtier, Skyway Robbery and/or Family Vacation. This area may not be fully operational until Friday, but I'm guessing someone will be around. If there is no blue noodle, I'll just try to hang out with the rest of the Game Salute people.

So that's just about everything. That sounds like a lot to do in one day. I'll let you know how successful I was after the show. Two more bits of news:

The Cardboard Jungle podcast released an episode today featuring AEG games and designers . . . and me! I haven't quite figured out how to actually download it, but you can listen to it online.

Also, MeepleTown posted an interview with me today. He asks some great questions, so you might learn something new!

See you after GenCon!

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