Thursday, January 10, 2013

Family Vacation Kickstarter Coming Soon

In just a few more days, Family Vacation will begin its Kickstarter campaign! This is very exciting for me considering the years I have waited for this game's publication. FV is probably a little simpler than some of my other games, but I still enjoy playing it--especially with my kids. It's a true family game. I'm also very happy with the beautiful art for the game, done by the talented Jacob Walker.

The rest of this week (and some of the next) will be spent printing and assembling advanced copies for a few selected reviewers, bloggers and podcasters. My apologies if you didn't make the cut--this is due more to my not being able to make too many copies than my not liking you!

If you are someone who occasionally reads this blog, you will be on the front lines in getting the word out. Kickstarting a game has gotten a little harder since the last time I did it. Our goal will be $10K with a key stretch goal at $20K (this unlocks the Europe expansion). The game will be priced very reasonably priced (to be revealed later) and will be a great value for what comes in the box--not to mention the fun family time. Kickstarters will also have the chance to add themselves (or a family member) to the game.

Jolly Roger Games has a good track record of producing and delivering top quality games. I have no doubt that FV will also be of high quality and delivered in a reasonable amount of time. I look forward to your help as we prepare for this exciting project. Even if all you can do is share a link or retweet a quick message about the campaign, we will greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

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