Thursday, April 30, 2009

Back From London

My wife and I just returned from London where we celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary. I also managed to meet up with Jackson Pope and play a little Sumeria! I found him to be a kindred spirit, and I really enjoyed the game. Sumeria, like all great games, forces you to think in a number of directions all at once. The art is beautiful and the production values are excellent. Be on the lookout for this new Reiver Games title at your FLGS soon!

P.S. - I also highly recommend the steak & ale pie!


  1. Hey Philip,

    Glad to hear you made it home safely - it was great to meet you in the flesh. Thanks also for the Sumeria plug and I second the Steak & Ale Pie recommendation!



  2. It was very nice to finally meet you, too!


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