Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Update . . . Sort Of

It's been a while since I've posted anything, and the guilt is starting to build up. I don't exactly have much new information, but that's never stopped me before! For those who don't know, Revolution should still be out sometime in mid to late June, barring any more trouble with printing mistakes or shipping containers being delayed.

I recently took some interesting photos with my brother and some mean looking AR-15s. We are both wearing the Revolution shirts he made me for Christmas. There is some question has to the wisdom of posting them here, but you can see them on Facebook if you send me a friend request.

I also am currently working on a few more games, though more slowly than in previous months. I currently have two prototypes sitting on publishers' shelves waiting for glory. I wonder if they are waiting to see how Revolution does before they commit. I'm pretty curious about that, too.

Revolution currently has 25 ratings (30 are necessary for an official rank), and BGG now offers you the chance to become a "fan" of your favorite games. Revolution currently has zero. :( Maybe you can help turn that around. I'm hoping things will get stirred up a bit once the game is finally released.

For anyone whose interested, I'm planning to be at Origins (Columbus, OH) at least a day or two. Word has it that Phil Reed may be in attendance, and I would very much like to meet him. I suppose there is a chance that a few copies of Revolution will also be there. Fingers crossed!

Update on the update: Phil Reed is not coming. Also, they're going to send me a copy of Revolution next week!


  1. I'll be at Origins also, Thursday afternoon through Sunday. I'd love to meet up. Let me know (david at lodestonegamer dot com).

  2. Sounds good. I'll send you an email.


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